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Traders World Article November 2015

Easy Rythm
Source: Nov/Dec/Jan 2015, Page 60
By Stan Moore, New Era Trader

A special note of introduction from the Editor Larry Jacobs: For the past 18 months I have read Stan's Daily intra day trading Alerts, seen his notations on the intra day charts that come out
with additional comments discussed in his chat room multiple times a day. I've read his weekly Blogs, studied his trading videos and spent time in his Chat Room. I have his 3 books. He is a
trading insider from Wall Street like only a special few I have seen before. He is unique. He has over 50 years of trading experience. There is very little he has not seen.He is a true student of
the game. I believe he is well worth the read below.

My Name is Stan "Ed" Moore & here's why I believe I can help your trading. I have spent over 25 of those years on Wall Street mostly managing a number of trading desks like Gabelli and I
even started my own Brokerage & Money Management firm later, Moore, Grossman & DeRose. I have handled Billions of $'s over my career Trading & Managing $'s for Institutions & Wealthy
Individuals. I was the inside Partner.

I have spent substantial hard $'s learning & I also directed over $9 Mil in Commissions over my career to learn from the best of the best on the Street. Cramer came 10 years after me and bragged he gave away $20 Mil to learn the street's secrets. Very few of you will even begin to approach that level of knowledge or intelligence I learned & probably Cramer too.We knew all markets. We were true insiders back then.

I further doubt any of today's mentors served on the Boards of Public Companies like I have. I doubt any of them ever put up a bid for a NYSE company like I did with Holly Sugar in 1986, won seats on the Board & sold Holly to a Competitor and that move made $10's of Millions for our clients. I was truly one of the earliest "Active Investors". I could have continued along those lines but trading was my passion...and still is. I wrote the first of my three trading books,"Rhythm Of The Markets", while I was Director of Technical Research of a NYSE brokerage firm. It was endorsed by some of the biggest names out there at the time.My second book, "Option Magic," is still a "Big Time" winning option trading strategy,especially with every week being option expiration. The third "The Definitive Trading Bible" contains everything you ever wanted to know about trading, but you did not know where to find the answers.It holds the secrets to untold wealth for those traders wanting to learn most of the insider secrets still not really known,let alone taught, by anyone else out there. Lastly, only a true handful of mentors have done great things for traders like you. I have done it all... I use Fibonacci to read price like I had a GPS on my desk every day. I wrote about this over 25 years ago,and I still think only a handful of traders know anything about it, even mentors teaching Fibs for more than 40 years. There's a lot more. Please read on. Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 61
I also have developed a "Magic Oscillator" (MO). I believe this really impressed your editor,Larry Jacobs and I thought he wanted me to do an article on it awhile back. However,one article is not enough. I now have many training videos that do a great job. The MO Nails Tops & Bottoms of Trading ranges.It's "Magic." Did you not know all this time you REALLY could predict tops & bottoms with uncanny accuracy? You know this greatly reduces risk, I'm sure. Well welcome to my New Era world of trading.
Please don't get me started on what "Magic" it holds for trends as well. It can also become a "Leading indicator". It has 5 different divergences. At worst, it's merely coincident. Yes you can buy higher lows & sell higher highs all the way up & Vice Versa for declines.So it can let you know when you start or end a trend as well as keep you in there to the very turn when that trend ends. See Weekly chat below.
Or call & talk to me and I'll send you free the 40 pages on trend trading from my 3rd book. No one else ever cracked this trading code so mechanically like I have. It's even better since I added an indicator to pickup when the Algos are in there too.
Prior to 01/02/2015 we were in a multi year trend up trade on the weekly chart. Later on you can see it work on different time frames equally well.
Starting in January on the Weekly S&P cash Index Chart below the MO showed and said top of a Trading Range at every rally high. We had a 7-8 month huge trading range. The Daily chart confirmed the Actual top July 20th with an overbought reading, not Jammed.(You can get the definitions of both jammed, overbought or oversold). There was an early warning on June 26th (See Daily chart below) with Oscillator signaling "Leading Divergence". (This indication works over 80% of the Time alone on the ;arger time frames).See the Charts for even more tops & bottoms of recent ranges it nailed too. Lastly it might surprise you that I do not use stops as you know it. I use time stops. I also average into losing option trades to earn even larger profits than you can ever imagine. However,these setups are a whole different subject, for another time. Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 62
Weekly Chart
Just what more can I tell how I do what I do. Just below is who I was nearly 10 years ago,as told by a new student after seeing me in live action. See a his comments. I hope I am at least 10 X's better today. Wait until you see all my recent
training videos. I still find this hard to believe even today,just how hard It is to succeed in this game, especially when most traders have no idea what they don't know about their game. My problem was, I did not know how much I really knew. Once I started writing my third book(which took over 2 years to write) I started to really understand what is was I knew and could finally explain it to you. I heard many times in my career you only become good at something when you write and/or teach the subject. Teaching you these last 25 years has made me the trader and mentor I am today.

From Charlie C:
"I first met "Ed" at a "technicians conference" in Florida on January 20, 2006. I give you the date because it was an incredible day in the markets. It's also how Ed made his first impression on me, and many others as well. The "trader" hosting the conference had billed this day as one during which he and Ed would trade live expiration week OEX options. He calls these options "White Lightning." There were Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 63
almost 200 of us waiting for this to happen. I don't think anyone ever attempted to trade options, live, the last day of the expiration month. There were endless data and computer glitches. Then suddenly everything was working, and the S&P's had gapped 5 points higher. Ed explained it was expiration related only. But sadly, our bullish host decided there would be no trading. He said it was no big deal anyway because it would likely be a flat market from here. I was crushed. There was a groan in the crowd.
Indeed, it felt like most of us came to see Ed trade options real-time. That morning there was also news about Iran, and it didn't sound good. The host explained we don't trade news, that it didn't matter. Audience agreed. He then explained his method for a
few minutes . . .then he let Ed speak. Ed stood up, and everything changed. In no uncertain terms, he reeled off the news about Iran, why it was bad, what it meant for the markets, why it wasn't priced in to the markets, and what would probably happen. This too he explained in no uncertain terms: the markets were priced for perfection. Since it was options expiration, if the S&P were to break down from current levels, it would break hard because the professionals would sell it to make sure all the in the
money (ITM)outstanding calls go out worthless. He gave a specific level, that if violated, would send the market that day into a free-fall. In front of 200 people that had just heard this would likely be a flat day, this was a lot of interesting information.
I don't think he wanted to embarrass his host. He said if you put a gun to his head he would buy puts. Then he outlined the "best" Risk/Reward trade for us to consider doing. Again, no uncertainty. Sell 75 E-minis, go long 100 OEX at the money(ATM) calls. They were trading at $1.50. If the market broke down, he'd likely earn $40-$50,000. If the market bounced, he could make $5-$10,000. And if it stayed where it was for next 2 hours, he'd lose $5000. Given the news, the latter wasn't even remotely possible.
Notice what's going on here: fundamentals, news, tactics, technicals, money management, risk control, expectations. All in about 30 seconds. I now know, that's exactly how fast his mind works. There was a shift in the room. Everyone was stunned. Who is this guy? It was incredible. Hands went up. Everyone wanted to know more. I wanted to know more! But our host only wanted to talk more about his own methods. The market started to break down. Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 64
The host took another look at his charts and in a goofy way asked Ed if he wanted to buy calls. You could tell he was half-serious. Ed took one look at his own charts and said: "No way. We're going much lower." January 20, 2006 -- the day the S&P closed down over 24 points from the opening high, in what was "supposed" to be a flat market. The day you would have made almost $50,000 if you put on the trade Ed suggested and held it into the close, over $80,000 if you did it at the opening.
If you bought $.40 out of the money(OTM) puts he recommended much earlier, they closed over $9.00 or 20 X's your money. I thought "Wow, at the very least I could've made 10 X's my total risk! I wanna start right now!" That was the day I became determined to earn my PhD. in trading with Ed. So . . . have I graduated yet? No. Not even close. Has it met my expectations? Ha -- it's exceeded them by multiples. To trade any other way at this point would seem sophomoric. Whether you want to be a swing trader, a day trader, or just a better trader, Ed's instruction will help you succeed. Just one page out of his manual, a single page that took over 2 years to write, is worth his fee alone. His custom oscillator, a mathematical blend of over 10 different analysis techniques, is worth his fee alone. His daily instructional alerts and coaching (where else can you tap 40+ years of experience)? Priceless. More importantly, he sets up trades well ahead of time to help you earn money while you're learning. "You can earn while you learn" is the way he puts it. I've seen his methods ride trends, pocket seemingly endless points from boring range bound days as well as wild, choppy volatility, all with equal aplomb. He tells when to go for the jugular and when to stand aside. He doesn't try to impose his will upon the market. He lets the market tell him what to do. Best of all, he teaches you how to do it too. It doesn't happen overnight. But when it does amazing!!" From Charlie C NH (Charlie C's Email address is available upon request.) Now I spend a considerable amount of time taking as much of the risk out of trades so you can learn to trade real size for the first time. Imagine what trading 50/100 E's would be worth to you financially when you are now a 3-5 player.It doesn't happen overnight. Above Charlie noted a hedged trade long Index calls & Short E's. If this trade was attempted earlier you could have earned over $80,000. I'm trying to give you all the potential Profit of the trade setup "with only a fraction of the risk if you are wrong". I am not wrong often. Flash Forward: Recent comment about Aug 26 2015 wipe out day The man who made a billion dollars on Black Monday sums up his strategy perfectly in this excellent FOX Business clip Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 65
with the money-honey, "I'm a hedge fund manager that actually hedges for his clients. This is something of an old fashioned idea in this day of just gambling on the next Fed bailout." Spitznagel, who is wholly unapologetic in his criticism of The Fed (and any central planner), unleashes eight minutes of awful truthfulness on what is going on under the surface of the socalled 'market', concluding ominously, "if August was scary for people, they ain't seen nothin’ yet." What a great comment on NET Trading to lead in with.We do not gamble on anything either. We all should want to learn how to hedge & parlay to take almost all risk out of a trade at these important news releases & maximize our potential profits too. Once setup we just need the markets to move, the bigger the better. Again more information is available See charts down below.

Then and only then do we attempt to take $'s out of both sides of the trade here. We have been winners on both sides over 60% of the time. Furthermore, NET trading has not experienced any losing trade setups in the Chat Room doing 13-15 of these news release trades a year since I started teaching this methodology over 7 years ago. This is still only a fraction of what I teach but by far the biggest profit generator of NET trading. Now below we have a perfect example.of what I am talking about. The recent week ending 10/02/15 we setup a trade long calls and short E's,going into the Friday Jobs Number. We were long by the Thursday close multiples of 10 slightly ITM calls for $1.30 and short 2.5 E's for every 10 calls. Now See the 10/02/15 5 minute chart. Overnight the E's rally even higher. Now see below my first Email alert Friday before Job numbers come out at 8:30 AM EDT. My Copy's below

From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
To: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Sent: 10/2/2015 8:16:21 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Alert Notes Take your Chances read below.Stan M
Fellow Friends,
Goldman forecasts non farm payroll growth of 215 k in September, above consensus expectations of 200 k by about 0.3 standard deviations of a typical surprise. Noting that August payrolls were likely distorted downward by seasonal bias last month and may be revised up, Goldman expects the unemployment rate to remain flat at 5.1% (and earnings growth to slow). However, judging by the collapse in September's regional Fed surveys I have read, today's "most important" payrolls data ever could be a massive miss. Going in for every 10 long Calls and because we are higher overnight I'm now short 4 E's( Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 66
trading @ 1926). Normally I would be short only 2.5 E's Should be fun this morning. Be alert a negative reaction to the employment data would still be expected to garner interest from buyers toward 1903 and 1894. In fact, I'd be careful turning too bearish until price begins to drop and hold below 1894 and Thursday's 1890 intra day low. I'm a buyer of calls or E's starting at the 1903 area and scaling in.

From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Alert #2
To: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Sent: 10/2/2015 8:59:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Alert Note Thank You GS. Stan M
At least we know why the E's rallied so much. Thanks GS. We went up against the Big Boys and won again. If you only owned 300 calls($40,000)after selling half late Thursday, You could have made nearly $240,000 on the 120 E's you were short. Our OTM Calls now should open around $.50 Looking to buy more under there.(They hit $.40 after the opening) I couldn't have tipped you any better than in the first alert when I went to 10-4 after I saw the new rally highs & thought possible soft number too.
Good Trading,

Well the E's dropped over 40 points in the next 90 minutes. That's $2.000 profit per short E. The Calls traded as low as $.40 If you added more calls as suggested under $.50 near the lower lows, these closed at $5.00 by days end. Our $1.35 calls plus our new purchases under $.50 gave us a nearly 8+ times return!!! If you added 1,000 more calls to your existing long position, you would be only risking 20% of what you made on the short E's or you could have even used the profits from the sale of half your calls on Thursday. See Chart 4 below. Either source of funds could have made over $500.000. This is "parlaying" at a NET best. Again, NET Trading Scores a huge hit with the short E's & comes back with an even bigger long call win. NET scores on both sides again. Just think, over 90% of those trading "haven't a clue as to how to trade news & constantly get beat up".So far we have won big every time. Not many do this and if they do, they do not teach it. See Friday's 5 minute Chart. We spent 90 minutes going down over 40 points & 6.5 hours going up over 60 points.This is a NET Dream Trading Day. Just look at the Oscillator. It got oversold near opening and not Jammed. Then it spent most of the Day Jammed/44 telling us to just buy Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 67

the E dips and/or add and hold all calls.
Chart 1 -> Daily (Below)
Chart 2 -> Friday 30 minutes (Below) Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 68
Chart 3 -> 5 Minute Friday (Below)
Chart 4 -> 5 Minute’s Thursday Nov/Dec/Jan 2016 69

If you would like to see a training video explanation of Thursday and Friday trading. Click below:
Looking back,I have tried to retire from mentoring a few times over the last 15 years, but they keep sucking me back with new and better profit making opportunities than before. I will now die trading in front of my screen. Once the Indexes went to trading weekly expirations 10 years ago, we NET Traders died and went to trading heaven. This is what NET really lives for every Friday..On some Fridays there are times when you can control an E contract worth over $100.000 for as little as $10-$20. Think about this now. Imagine long 1000 calls for $20,000 you are controlling $100,000,000 of equity that moves today over 1%,or $1,000.000. You are short 300 E’s that then decline 20 points and you are $800,000 to $900,000 richer or vice versa long. So putting up only $35,000 lets you have your cake & eat it too. 90% of the trades are legged to too mitigate any early losses.This trade serves to reduce the option risk and maximize profits In addition,there’s a whole lot more in New Era that we do on a daily basis. To learn this go to HTTP://neweratrader,com and sign in for free information and just maybe I will give you a free 30 days of alerts, blogs, or everything I write and chat about. Talk to me.Take your current trading skills to levels you could only dream about. Make more money in a news trade during one week than most traders can make in a couple of years See Thoughts above. You can do this starting with less than $25,000 in capital. In summary, How would you like to learn how to read the message of the market nearly every day and be able to earn in only a week,a middle 6 figures with a minimum of risk and with a modest amount of money,18 times a year just trading prior to key news announcements? Realistically, early on expect to earn much less. However,just think more about the 2 years down the road of what you could be earning then. How’s about playing in the world’s biggest Casino & every time you sit down at the table the odds are in your favor up to 90%? Try this in Vegas Baby and you will lose your "ASSets."That's what NET is all about. We do not ever gamble anymore If for any reason you feel this has been a waste of your time.... Pick up your phone and tell me. I will send a $25 check to your favorite Charity. However, just on the chance you might like what I have to say, call me too and let's see if and how I can help you make the money you deserve. You will be amazed at how inexpensive my mentoring is & how much it can make for you.!! Call Today!!
Thank you for your interest.
Good Trading
Stan "Ed" Moore