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NET TestimonialsNew Era Trader has a range of services.  So, to prove our worth, we offer testimonials across the breath of our service and product line.  And, we also offer testimonials going back years - over a decade - pre-Internet days too.

  • Student Testimonials

    NET students offer some great testimonials from live trading to their own wins trading both expiring options and S&P E-minis.

  • Mentor Testimonials

    In Stan's formative trading years where he was seeking optimal methodologies, Stan interacted with a number of well-known trader/teachers.  These are their testimonials.

  • Club 3000 Testimonials

    Club 3000 was a pre-Internet trade newsletter with a monthly distribution. Each month, new ideas and other information were distributed to its subscribers.

  • Chat Room Testimonials

    New Era Trader has a very active and productive Chat Room.  These are the student testimonials from its participants.

We encourge every new New Era Trader prospect to read our testimonials.