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NET Resources

Here's a few New Era Trader (NET) resources:

  1. Free Stuff- For those that want to check out our free resources such as our Free Drawings and our weekly newsletter!
  2. The Oscillator - A look a our proprietary and quite unique trading oscillator indicator.  None better!
  3. Introductory Training Packages- Two low-cost ways to take a peak at New Era Trader technology and real-time trades.
  4. Chat Room - A brief introduction to our NET Chat Room - where the money's made.
  5. Videos - NET has over 50 introductory and training videos.
  6. Intraday Charts/Email Alerts - Information on this valuable NET service.
  7. Courses - NET offers three courses - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced with a corresponding level of sophistication and content.  Also, check out our Course Guarantee.
  8. Charts - Charts are a cornertone of NET analysis.  We've got hundreds of them for our students as it's the same methodology year-after-year.
  9. Books - We offer four books.  Here's the introduction.
  10. Product Store - A product category list page with links to products.