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New Era Trader has collected these best-of-breed links to fully round out NET traders.  If you have a great link to add, please send the link to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for possible inclusion.

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1   Link   Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE)
Options information and educational resources.
2   Link   The Options Industry Council
The Options Industry Council offers option training for new option traders.
3   Link   Common Trading Mistakes (a downloadable document)
An extensive list of trading mistakes. Another list of trader mistakes can be found in New Era Trader book The Definitive Trading Bible which has been tailored for New Era Trader students.
4   Link   TradeStation Trading Platform
Link to TradeStation's trading platform page.
5   Link   Peter Navarro Free Newsletter
Peter Navarro is a great market analyst and is a college professor. His weekly emails are a good read especially regarding China. His guidance may help with longer term trades. Peter offers a free weekly newsletter.
6   Link   Reference to Jim Cramer's Market Manipulation Video
Counterpunch commentary about Jim's video.
7   Link   Wiki's Jim Cramer's March 2007 Market Manipulation Video
Look for "Market Manipulation: Interview" paragraph.
8   Link   New Nake Short Selling Rule Changes
Link to the "SEC Issues New Rules to Protect Investors Against Naked Short Selling Abuses 2008-204" press release. (Dated Sept. 17, 2008)
9   Link   Morningstar® Bond Indexes
The Morningstar Bond Index Family consists of 25 indexes that track the U.S. and global bond markets by sector and term structure. Morningstar's rules-based methodology was designed to help investors track and invest in the broad bond market and specific portions of it.
10   Link   Commodity Futures Trading Commission
The commodity futures US regulator including information about economic analysis, law, regulation and Commitments of Traders (COT).
11   Link   Financial Services Industry Links
Financial services industry and regulatory web sites.
12   Link   Global Markets Calendar
This link has been provided by NET student Erik North who trades the S&P E-minis during major overnight foreign market moves. Some calendar page settings may need to be adjusted for your personal use.
13   Link   Time Zone Converter
Use this site to determine local time when time is stated in another time zone.
14   Link   Count Down Stopwatch
This is an eay-to-use online stopwatch which some might find useful for various trading purposes such as rechecking a chart in X minutes or exiting a trade in X minutes.
15   Link   CME Group Email Subscription
The CME Group provides the widest range of benchmark futures and options products available on any exchange, covering all major asset classes including the S&P full contract and E-mini. This link provides a link where one can subscribe to the CME's free newsletter.
16   Link   Forex Market Opening and Closing Times
This simple but effective web site offering the hours and minutes when some of the major Forex markets open and close.
17   Link   Internet Network Speed Test
This tool checks one's upload and download Internet speed. A fast speed is especially important when the market is volatile. Just select the nearest server and no registration is required.
18   Link   CBOE Expiration Calendar
Link to the master CBOE Expiration Calendar page and 'option' holidays.
19   Link   Who Says You Cannot Trade Your IRA on Margin?
Think you can't trade specific securities or asset classes on your IRA? Then you should read this article.
20   Link   Economic Calendar
This economic calendar page is one of the more popular economic calendars and features which events are more market moving in nature. Before trading off the calendar's data always verify the calendar's date.
21   Link   Due Diligence: 10 Steps to Avoiding Ponzi Schemes and Financial Fraud
What areas should you focus on when performing a due diligence review? Here are 10 basic steps all investors can take—as well as certain indicators that should serve as red flag warning signs of the potential for trouble down the road.
22   Link   S&P E-mini Contract Calender
A useful link to the CME's S&P E-mini contract web page which shows the symbols and rollover dates.
23   Link   Nightly Business Report (from
PBS's Nightly Business Report (NBR) archives their weekday TV programs. On some evenings such as exchange holidays, NBR will air educational videos such as 'What are Bonds' as they did on June 23, 2010. NBR is a great educational resource.