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Intraday Charts/Alert Emails for 2 WksNET NinjaTrader Oscillator for 1 Month

Level 1 Introductory Training Package
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Level 1 Introductory Training Package

Price: $99

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A Practical Way to Learn to Trade

What You Get:

  • A weekly email newsletter covering the Market outlook and reviewing past trades as well as new ideas both short and long term
  • Our trading style: Learn to identify opportunity and especially risk management like a hedge fund manager where Stan cut his teeth--
  • Each week receive the NET Weekly Money Chart reviewing 1 trading idea / week via email delivery
  • The newsletter publishes on Sunday evening, but the trade idea could come at any time -- whenever we spot something that's appropriate
  • Two pre-market fundamental and technical research briefings to set the day's trading agenda in our chat room.
  • A discounted live Chat Room subscription rate after the one-week $99 trial

Click here to view our newsletter (or blog).

This package is the first introductory package in a series of Net Era Trader (NET) course offerings: Level 1 Introductory Package ($99), Level 2 Introductory Package ($399), Basic Training Course ($2,499), Intermediate Training Course ($3,999) and Advanced Training Course ($6,499). NET primarily trades the S&P E-mini futures and OEX options with a special set of technical indicators, fundamentals and market intelligence following the unique and successful trading style of former Wall Street hedge fund manager and trader mentor Stan Moore. In the NET chat room, infrequently, other markets (such as stocks, bonds, commodities and Forex) are traded using the NET methodology. However, almost any liquid market can be profitably traded.

NET Purchase net credit card

The complete NET trading methodology (as contained in the Advanced Course) involves basic and advanced concepts such as E-minis and options tranche trading, option leverage, option properties, hedging and parlaying well beyond the information contained in other courses. Insider information contains information that is generally not available to the public or written elsewhere. For example, the trading impact of Max-PainTM is discussed in detail and why gaps fill and why gaps may not fill.

In the NET Chat Room, NET futures trades are high-probability (with estimated probabilities), risk controlled trades which are sometimes hedged with OEX option or vice versa depending upon the setup. Trade duration can be intraday or longer. S&P e-minis are not held overnight due to their inherent risk.

Primary technical indicators are Fibonacci, retest and failure, Oscillator overbought/oversold/jammed and time of day. Other supporting secondary and tertiary indicators are used such at Advances/Declines and S&P Ticks. The NET proprietary indicator, the Oscillator is discussed in this free and public comparison video between the Oscillator, MACD and Stochastic. Other public and free videos ->

Purchasers are encouraged to view the above public videos and review the Free Trading Charts. All trading involves risk. Standard futures and option trading disclaimers apply.

NET Level 1 Introductory Package includes these services:

  1. Two personal after-hours trading consultations with 45-year trader, hedge fund and money manager and mentor Stan Moore. This consultation time can be used to address any trader concerns such as trade setups, trade probability or exit management. We ask that these two consultations occur within 30 days of package purchase.
  2. One month access to intraday day and swing trading S&P trade charts. Stan’s professionally-notated analysis S&P E-mini futures charts are posted on the web site 4 times a day, Monday through Friday. The 5-minute charts are posted at 12:00, 2:00, 3:45 and 4:10 PM. The 30-minute charts are posted at 12:00, 2:00 and 4:10 PM. The daily charts are posted Tuesdays through Fridays at 4:10 PM and the weekly chart is posted Monday at 4:10 PM. All times are Chicago times. (Early Monday charts and vacation days excluded.) Sample charts can be found on the web site or click here.

    Accompanying the intraday charts is a one month subscription to the morning OEX option trade alert emails. As warranted by market conditions, potential trade early morning email alerts sent before the opening and prior to the posting of the 12:00 AM chart. Usually, at least one option trade setup occurs per week or about 40 per year for multiples of your money and should provide at least 2 option alert emails during this introductory period. Refer to the option trading charts on the Rhythm website for similar trades.
  3. One week New Era Trader Chat Room access. This package includes one week access to the New Era Trader chat room with a current introductory rate of $295/month. The room is moderated by Stan Moore and Jared Menzie, CTA.
  4. One month web access to Introductory Level 1 training videos. The videos explain Stan Moore's basic trading style with mostly intraday E-mini futures trade setups. Options trades are generally not discussed as options are an Advanced Course topic.

Please contact Stan Moore at 800-686-0833 if you have questions prior to purchasing. This package can be purchased only once as the package is intended as an introduction to NET trading with special discounted pricing.

Full listing purchase price is refundable if requested within 7 days of listing purchase date. Any refund will exclude purchaser from any future NET product purchase.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Price: $99 NET Purchase net credit card


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