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Intraday Charts/Alert Emails

Intraday Charts/Alert EmailsIntraday Charts are Stan’s notated S&P E-mini charts are posted a various times during the day. The charts are bundled with the Alert Emails to provide maximum impact. For the posting times, see the chart page in the restricted NET Member section. Stan sometimes releases the 2:00 PM chart 10 minutes early prior to the FOMC minutes announcements. Any early releases will be notated on the day’s “A” chart at 12:00 PM. Chart comments are generally entered on the chart at time of day when the data is noticed. Charts should be used as a quasi consultant newsletter with all of Stan’s various comments and fundamental information.

Our Intraday Charts are notated real-time by Stan
as he's anticipating what may happen during the day.

Stan provides the major S/R levels on the 5- and 30-minute charts. In addition to those techniques mentioned above, Stan uses a number of techniques to determine smaller, intraday S/R levels especially on Thursdays and Fridays. Stan’s charts often contain trade setup information allowing the NET trader to earn while learning and have as many as 10 trades per quarter or about 40 per year. These trades often allow the trader to earn multiples of their money. Before the market moves as anticipated, chart guidance should reinforce NET 2008 trading methodology allowing participation in these trade setups.

On the above mentioned web page refers to chart types “A”, "B", "C", "D" and "E". Each of these letters refers to a release time and chart (or candle-duration) type. The table below shows the relationships.

NET Intraday Chart Types
Chart Name When Released Chart Type
(and Sample Links)
12:00 PM 5-minute Chart
2:00 PM 5-minute chart
3:45 PM 5-minute chart
12:00 PM, 2:00 and 4:10 PM 30-minute chart
4:10 PM Weekly/Daily

* The 3:45 5-minute "C" Chart is overwritten by the posting of end of day 4:10 5-minute "C" Chart. The 12:00, 2:00 30-minute "D" Charts are overwritten by the posting of the end of day 4:10 30-minute "D" Chart.
** “E” can be a weekly chart on Monday and is a daily chart for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Subscribers of this service also receive (or may elected to not receive) Intraday Chart email alerts. These email alerts are sent immediately after Stan Moore has updated the Intraday Charts. If elected to do so, the subscriber receives four additional emails per day. Please note that these Intraday Charts alert emails are different from the Alert Emails which alert traders to particular trade setups.

The NET web site also has a significant repository of historical option expiry week charts. There are approximately 33 expiry week trades and approximately 91 high-probability trade setups. Of the 91 trades, 83 are winners averaging 5X profit with 7 losers averaging less than OEX 1 point.

Stan is frequently asked to produce pre-market charts or commentary. If pre-market or morning information is desired, contact Stan as discussed in the Afternoon Trading section. NET methodologies work better when the day’s pattern has matured.

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