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NET NewsNew Era Trader (NET) offers a FREE weekly newsletter via email which are sent weekly and mainly contains weekly Money Charts, market prognostications and recommended stock trades.

Other newsletter content may contain trade tips, announcements and discounts such as coupons or special offers.  The newsletter allows you to follow a few of our daily or multi-day option trades along with market fundamental commentary.

The length of these emails are usually well less than one page and are, usually, a quick read.

Stock recommendations often contain a full "professional" explanation as to why the stock has been selected with the intention of training our subscribers to do their own stock selections.  Selections are usually based on technicals, fundamentals and market intelligence factors and may extent to bonds, forex and other securities as market opportunities arise.  We do encourage subscribers to monitor these emails as market conditions can and do change necessitating quick entry/exit from or adding to positions.  Additionally, advice may be offered to advanced NET traders to manipulate their put and call positions to maximize profits as price rachets or oscillates within various price ranges.

NET Alert Emails, a subscription NET service as a part of Intraday Charts, is a separate trade setup email.

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