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Money Chart sampleMoney Charts are selected charts from each week's Intraday Charts and are frequently emailed with the free New Era Trader weekly newsletter.

The Money Chart selection criteria is based on the chart's NET training and profit potential and are instructional using standard New Era Trader trading methodologies. Frequently, these charts have options (calls and puts) purchased below $2.00 and sold hours later for multiples of the investment.

If you're looking to see how we trade with short-term expiring options, please review our selection of Money Charts.  More Money Charts are available to New Era Trader students that purchase any New Era Trader trading package or course.

Generally, intraday S&P E-mini trades are only mentioned via Intraday Charts [a paid subscription service] notations and not via Money Chart notation.

The TradeStation-posted date on the chart (on the chart's upper left) may vary from the date of the trade as the charts are captured and further notated at the end of the week.

The following Money Charts were selected from all NET Money Charts without concern for the maximum return:

  1. Money Chart 2009-02-20 - 3X max return in 3 hours
  2. Money Chart 2009-02-12 - 5X max return in 90 minutes
  3. Money Chart 2009-02-06 - 3X max return in 2 days 
  4. Money Chart 2009-01-23 - 10X max return in 5 hours
  5. Money_Chart_2009-01-16 -3X max return in 3 hours
  6. Money_Chart_2009-01-02C -10X max return in 6 hours
  7. Money Chart 2009-02-06 - 3X max return in 2 days
  8. Money Chart 2009-02-12 - 5X max return in 90 minutes
  9. Money Chart 2009-02-20 - 3X in 3 hours
  10. Money Chart 2008-12-12A - 10X max return in 2 days 
  11. Money Chart 2008-11-28 - 5X max return in 2 days
  12. Money Chart 2008-11-21 - 20X max return in 2 hours 

A list of New Era Trader chart types can be found here.

Other Money Charts

Other Money Charts*
 Profit Potential 
Money Chart 2009-05-08

Money Chart 2009-05-01

Money Chart 2009-04-24

Money Chart 2009-04-17 

Money Chart 2009-04-03

Money Chart 2009-03-27

Money Chart 2009-03-20

*The NET Money Charts Gallery can be seen here.