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NET Charts(8 Years of Expiration Charts)

A review of these 5- and 30-minute option expiration charts reinforces the methodology and speed the student’s comprehension for trading options during the expiration cycle. In lieu of trading options, futures could be traded on the intraday trades. However, using the NET methodology, options provide a much higher return with less risk.

These charts cover about 8 years of trading and can be used to validate the timelessness of NET methodology under nearly all market conditions. The charts also contain various text notations such as fundamental and market intelligence conditions that reinforce the technical trade setup.

On this site there are 90 option expiration trade setups covering 33 weeks using the NET methodology. Approximately 83 are winners averaging 5Xs your investment; 7 trades are losers averaging a 1 point loss. Combining NET methodology with cheap expiration week options every week, winning trades may return 4-5X while losers are generally less than 1 point a significantly high percentage of the time.

Below are 8 NET charts covering two expiration week cycles generating a near unbelievable 40X possible return over 6 trading days.  Historical charts can be found here.