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Full Mentorship with Stan Moore
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Full Mentorship with Stan Moore

Price: $100,000

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New Era Trader's Full Mentoring service is for the experienced, professional technical trader wishing to be personally mentored by Stan Moore.

NET Purchase net credit card

This intraday consultation time during both intraday and after hours hours can be used to address any trader concerns such as trade setups, trade probability or exit management. Although this service may seem expensive to some, a trader with a large account should be easily pay for this training investment in the year of mentorship.

Here are the features of this unique one-on-one training opportunity:

  1. Mentoring over a one year period from a very successful 25 years in the S&P and OEX option market.
  2. Veteran with 45 years of general professional trading experience.
  3. Free discussion of Stan's techniques and trading experiences.
  4. An in depth discussion of trade or account risk management.
  5. Mentoring to correct trading flaws and takes trading skills to a professional level very fast.
  6. Includes the NET Advanced Training Course package.
  7. One year of chat room access.
  8. One year of intraday charts/alert emails.
  9. One week of trading side-by-side with Stan Moore.
  10. Access to and use of Stan's personal phone number for priority consultation access.

Like tennis or golf professionals, every trader needs a mentor. Full mentoring is limited to 5 mentees per year. Special mentoring relationship with private telephone number with unfettered access.

This service is payable with four quarterly $25,000 payments over the one year mentoring period.

Call Stan Moore at 800-686-0833 for full mentoring specifics and a personal pre-sign-up consultation.

Price: $100,000 NET Purchase net credit card


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