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NET Chat RoomThe NET trading chat room is a live trading room open during NYSE market hours to trade S&P E-minis intraday and OEX option trades both intraday and longer.

The room is primarily moderated by Stan Moore with a combined trading experience of over 60 years.

Option expiration trades are frequently discussed. However, due to the rooms mixture of visitors, subscribers and course subject matter and the inherit liquidity nature of options, suggested option entry pricing may or may not be mentioned. Room attendees should refer to the NET Intraday Charts for suggested weekly option price execution and other setup clues. In addition to frequently called S&P E-mini futures trades and technical setup discussion, market intelligence and insider information is frequently discussed. Trade setups on other markets are occasionally discussed in the room.

Attendee chat room participation is both by instant message, voice broadcast and is encouraged for learning and interaction purposes. Feature laden and secure Omnovia is used as the web conferencing tool which does not require any special software to download. Video as well as sound is broadcast through the user’s computer so a sound system or headphones are needed. A microphone is optional but highly recommended. Often, at the end of the day, participants are free to ask questions and receive feedback from the moderators. The chat room requires a monthly subscription fee. To view the chat room’s Rules and Etiquette.

Chat room attendees can ascertain how Stan lets his good trades run, quickly cuts the losers and how to effectively hedge trades to lock-in profits. The room opens around 8:00 AM CST on trading days and closes around 4:00 if no supplemental training is offered or at 4:15 PM if a trade is on.

NET Chat Room subscribers receive a special access via the NET web site. Simply login, click the Chat Room link and you're setup to enter the chat room.

For new students, also see the $99 and $399 Introductory Training Packages. These packages offer one and two week chat room access respectively. The rates below are for students who have let their special introductory $299/month chat room subscriptions expire and who wish to resubscribe. If you have never had a $299 Chat Room subscription please contact to obtain the $299 monthly rate.

Discounts are offered for prepayment of terms greater than one month as shown below. Simpy select your preferred chat room term and recurring payment processor via PayPal or Authorize.NET for credit cards. All subscriptions expire one month (to the hour) or about 30 days after the subscription date. Prior to subscription expiration, a pre-expiration and expiration day email will be sent. Of course, the standard trading legal disclaimer applies - see bottom of front page. To view the Chat Room Terms and Conditions click here. And, once you're signed-up, please checkout our NET Chat Room Tips and Notes page.

Chat Room on Thu-Fri Only

Access to the mentored NET trader chat room for 1 month duration on Thursdays and Fridays only. 
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Chat Room for 1 Month

Access to the mentored NET trader chat room for 1 month duration. 
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Chat Room for 3 Months

Access to the mentored NET trader chat room for 3 months duration. 
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Chat Room for 6 Months

Access to the mentored NET trader chat room for 6 months duration. 
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Chat Room for 1 Year

Access to the mentored NET trader chat room for 1 year duration. 
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