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ChartsNew Era Trader (NET) has charts, thousands actually.  Most are fully notated charts showing what we do and how we do it.  To fully trade the NET trading style successfully we employ multiple time-frame analysis so archived charts are also available as 5- and 30-minute, daily and weekly time frames - each fully notated.  There are five main chart categories or types:

  1. Intraday Charts - Stan Moore produces eight intraday S&P and option analysis charts each trading day. These charts are available by subscription and viewable access is controlled.
  2. Chat Room Charts - slightly notated charts showing Chat Room trade entry and potential profits [S&P E-mini points] based on NET trading methodology; notations are made real-time in the Chat Room.
  3. Historical Charts - a large repository of notated charts beginning in June of 2000.
  4. NET Weekly Money Charts - These charts are examples of selected Intraday Charts demonstrating the potential returns for NET traders who subscribe to these charts.
  5. Training Charts - special charts collected and notated by Stan Moore showing option trades over about one year; students can review these charts to see the repetitive nature of the trades - week-to-week and month-to-month.

Not included in the above list are 124 special (restricted access) charts found in The Definitive Trading Bible Advanced Edition demonstrating NET trading methodology application and the 'video' charts as found in over 100 training videos.

Additionally, since many of these charts are heavily notated in intraday by Stan Moore as he see the day unfold, a Chart Abbreviations list is provided where various financial terms, symbols and other trading concepts are explained. 

While trading NET traders monitor the weekly, daily, 30-minute and 5-minute charts looking for particular trade setups or confirmation of a trade setup across multiple charts, different time-frame charts for the same day are also available for historical trade analysis.

NET charts are primarily of the S&P E-mini futures but other securities are charted for favorable trading opportunities for our subscribers or registered users - stocks, Forex (currencies), ETFs, bonds, etc.  Many of these recommendation and trades are mentioned in the NET Chat Room.

Why so many charts?  Mainly three fold:  1) to prove that the methodology works year-after-year with both the S&P E-minis as well as option trades, 2) to provide a repetitive training tool for NET students and 3) because Stan creates them for each trading day, four a day.  Why does he write so many notes on each chart? Many years ago Stan found that when he started to write notes on this charts real-time his trading became more methodological, accurate and consistent profits followed. Chart notation is now a recommended practice for all NET traders.