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The Definitive Trading Bible Basic Edition Book


This text is based on the trading methodologies contained in the original books Trading Methodology and Option Magic. The Definitive Trading Bible Basic Edition greatly expands and clarifies subjects taught in these earlier books.  This authoritative and exhaustive study of professional trading methodology The Bible books have two editions - the Basic Edition and the Advanced Edition which contains four extra "advanced concepts" chapters.

This 250+ page text is a comprehensive trading guide written to empower the professional trader.  The text includes a table of contents, a table of tables, a table of figures, 10 appendices and a complete 6-page glossary.  Over 100+ color and embellished trading figures demonstrate the hundreds of trading concepts.  This book goes well beyond purely technical trading such as pattern trading.  Trades incorporate technicals and fundamentals resulting in high-probability trades.

Primarily written for day traders trading in the E-mini futures, the text also covers options, stocks and Forex.  The S&P E-minis are traded since these E-minis are the most gameable of securities.  Also covered are trade strategies for swing trades and longer term traders who can only trade their IRAs or 401Ks.  Of particular note are the chapters on handling trade failures and detailed review of the Oscillator.

The Advanced Edition contains three additional chapters.  The topics that these chapters cover can be found by doing a review of the Advanced Edition Table of Contents.  This material has been separated from the Basic Edition since more time will need to be invested by each trader to understand the impact of these subjects.  For example, understanding and keeping abreast of changes in fundamentals which impact market movement requires additional study and/or news monitoring.


The companion book, The Definitive Trading Bible Basic Edition Enlarged Charts, contains 100+ enlarged and full-color landscape orientation figures taken from the Basic Edition book.  Students use this companion book to see full-page landscape-orientation charts and figures that are shown in the the text.  Using both books while studying speeds learning and comprehension.  Additionally, with this large color format, students can better read some of the finer written notations or better determine price or time.

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Click here to view the The Definitive Trading Bible Advanced Edition Table of Contents. Click here to see The Definitive Trading Bible Advanced Edition.

The Definitive Trading Bible Basic Edition is sold as a book package product along with books Trading Methodology and Option Magic.

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