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NET Original Books

Price: $1,500

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Prior to The Definitive Trading Bibles Stan Moore authored two books, Trading Methodology and Option Magic.

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Trading Methodology is the first book written by Stan Moore with the assistance of Dr. Joe Conway. Subjects covered include time frame and trend analysis, moving averages, retracement theory, A-B-C swings, target theory, retest/failure concepts, time of day analysis, oscillators and their use, convergence and divergence theory, trade probabilities, protective stops and more.

This book has been digitized from printed copies. 75 pages.


Option Magic, the second of Stan Moore's books covers option trades that can result in returns nearing a 10 bagger or a 1,000% return. In this book Stan explains numerous trade setup with cheap expiring options. This course covers option basics for traders, retracements, A-B-C analysis, retest/failures, channel theory, tick use, option expiration theoy and trade methodology integration. Option Magic Charts and Reference is this book's companion book - see below.

This book has been digitized from printed copies. 43 pages.


The companion book Option Magic Charts and Reference contains the charts referenced in the Option Magic. This book is comprised mostly of full-page landscape orientation charts. Also included are pages on additional study materials, option symbols and retracement-off-retracement theory.

This book has been digitized from printed copies. 43 pages.

The New Era Trader has a series of professional trading books in increasing complexity. These books are not introductory books for new traders. New traders looking for learning about options and other basic trading information should consult with basic educational entities such as and online glossaries such as In historical order, these books are:

  1. Trading Methodology
  2. Option Magic (including Charts and Reference)
  3. The Basic Book Package - The Defnitiive Trading Bible Basic Edition (including Basic Enlarged Charts and the Original Books)
  4. The Complete Book Pacakge - The Defnitiive Trading Bible Advanced Edition (including Advanced Enlarged Charts and the Original Books)
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Price: $1,500 NET Purchase net credit card


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