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NET Trader
Stan Moore's Personal Course Guarantee

Stan Moore will show you how to successfully trade OEX index option intraday and overnight and guarantees it.

New Era Trader offers, what we believe is, a singular guarantee in the mentored trader training.

During your course training period, Stan Moore will identify OEX option trade setups via morning email alerts or on notated intraday chart postings that can allow the student to double their NET course investment otherwise you get the same course add-ons free for:

  • 6 months of NET Videos
  • 6 months NET Intraday Charts
  • 6 months of the NET Indicator Package
  • 6 months of NET Alert Emails
  • 1 month in NET Chat Room.

The above services are well worth over $2,500 alone.

If Stan Moore has not demonstrated setup success after a similar time he will refund the course cost less any previously generated setup profits as recorded in the Performance Charts in the Members Area.

All performance results are hypothetical as is unlikely that any one person will have executed all the setup trades.

Any students taking this guarantee and accepting any refund will be excluded from future NET services.

Option trade setups are specific NET setups contained in NET Intraday Charts/Alert Emails notation.  Additional setups are mentioned in the NET Chat Room.

Enter areas and exit areas will be notated, amount calculated. For example, morning email or chart comment says:

"Buy 630 OEX calls scale in $1.00-1.50. Scale out $3.50-4.00."

Call pricing falls to $1.00, for performance purposes, calls are bought for an average price of $1.30 or a $1,300 investment.

Call prices rise to $4.00 and the calls are sold for an average price of $3.65.

Assuming 10 options are purchased for a next profit of $235 or $2,350 (before commissions or other transaction fees).

The call positions are closed if the stop loss reaches 50% of the average entry cost.

The student's NET course goal should be to make more than 2X the course investment over the course period and/or any extended time.

This guarantee is void if Stan Moore becomes incapacitated or is unable to continue his trading activities including chart notation, chat room moderating or email alerts.

For students to match or exceed this performance, email monitoring or intraday chart reading plus executing these trades their own account will need to occur.

On their own, students can execute these trade setups or not.

Additional Guarantee:

Stan Moore also guarantees that this is the best reward-risk profile course available. 
If you can find a better course, inform Stan and, if true, New Era Trader will purchase this course and give you the equivalent NET course for FREE.  As of December 2008, this sub-guarantee has been in effect for about 10 years and none have been found.  As of December 2008, we have added the NET Oscillator as the indicator tool of comparison.  Have a better trading indicator?  Let us know about it and earn some cash if we can validate the claim.