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New Era Trader is the finest, most unique trading program available today for day trading and short-term swing trading. New Era Trader primarily trades the S&P E-Mini and short-term expiring options. NET works because it trades the markets the way they were intended to be traded, not the way you learned elsewhere in Technical Analysis 101. These indexes are artificial markets, designed by and for the professional trader.

I will teach you market secrets and things that go on behind the scenes. Information the average trader may never know. I will teach you how to trade, when to trade - the best times to trade for maximum return with the minimum of risk. I trade with a combination of fundamentals, technicals, market intelligence and seasonals. Additionally, I've even designed a very special set of indicators to trade these markets in a more mechanical yet very profitable fashion. Too hard to believe? Then, please see my course guarantee and testimonials.
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Traders World Article November 2015

Easy Rythm
Source: Nov/Dec/Jan 2015, Page 60
By Stan Moore, New Era Trader

A special note of introduction from the Editor Larry Jacobs: For the past 18 months I have read Stan's Daily intra day trading Alerts, seen his notations on the intra day charts that come out
with additional comments discussed in his chat room multiple times a day. I've read his weekly Blogs, studied his trading videos and spent time in his Chat Room. I have his 3 books. He is a
trading insider from Wall Street like only a special few I have seen before. He is unique. He has over 50 years of trading experience. There is very little he has not seen.He is a true student of
the game. I believe he is well worth the read below.

My Name is Stan "Ed" Moore & here's why I believe I can help your trading. I have spent over 25 of those years on Wall Street mostly managing a number of trading desks like Gabelli and I
even started my own Brokerage & Money Management firm later, Moore, Grossman & DeRose. I have handled Billions of $'s over my career Trading & Managing $'s for Institutions & Wealthy
Individuals. I was the inside Partner.

I have spent substantial hard $'s learning & I also directed over $9 Mil in Commissions over my career to learn from the best of the best on the Street. Cramer came 10 years after me and bragged he gave away $20 Mil to learn the street's secrets. Very few of you will even begin to approach that level of knowledge or intelligence I learned & probably Cramer too.We knew all markets. We were true insiders back then.

I further doubt any of today's mentors served on the Boards of Public Companies like I have. I doubt any of them ever put up a bid for a NYSE company like I did with Holly Sugar in 1986, won seats on the Board & sold Holly to a Competitor and that move made $10's of Millions for our clients. I was truly one of the earliest "Active Investors". I could have continued along those lines but trading was my passion...and still is. I wrote the first of my three trading books,"Rhythm Of The Markets", while I was Director of Technical Research of a NYSE brokerage firm. It was endorsed by some of the biggest names out there at the time.My second book, "Option Magic," is still a "Big Time" winning option trading strategy,especially with every week being option expiration. The third "The Definitive Trading Bible" contains everything you ever wanted to know about trading, but you did not know where to find the answers.It holds the secrets to untold wealth for those traders wanting to learn most of the insider secrets still not really known,let alone taught, by anyone else out there. Lastly, only a true handful of mentors have done great things for traders like you. I have done it all... I use Fibonacci to read price like I had a GPS on my desk every day. I wrote about this over 25 years ago,and I still think only a handful of traders know anything about it, even mentors teaching Fibs for more than 40 years. There's a lot more. Please read on.

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